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Twelve Apostles Ring and Cross by Michael Hilliar

Twelve Apostles Ring and Cross by Michael Hilliar
Apostle jewelry is handcrafted exclusively for College House Jewellers by the original designer, Michael Hilliar. Michael, famed for the creation of the History of Ireland jewelry range, stamps his personal initials are stamped on each item. The Apostles were 12 men who gave up their livelihoods to follow and help Jesus in his teaching of the Christian faith during His time on Earth. Their task, after Jesus had ascended to Heaven, was to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. These special men, who witnessed His Ascension and Resurrection, are remembered by the symbols on the Apostle Ring and Cross. Roll over the images below to read about each of the 13 symbols on the Apostle ring and cross
Peter James The Lesser John Philip Thomas Bartholemew Jesus Simon Andrew Jude James the Greater Judas Escariot Matthew

Reviews for My Irish Jeweler

  • Bob Boegman, Elk Grove CA, United States on November 25, 2015


    Your services were great and the lady really loves the ring

  • Shannon Dugan, on April 16, 2015


    Peter, I just wanted to let you know that I received a ring I ordered from you and I absolutely love it. It is beautiful. Thank you. Shannon Dugan Review added on February 25 2013

  • louis wilson, belfast, United Kingdom on November 1, 2015


    sorry Peter for not getting back to you,,,,,, it took me a while to find the item i was looking for on the internet but when i found your site i was landed. the item of jewelry was perfect and what i wanted, also thanks for the postcard and 100% great service.

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