Celtic Knot Rings, Designed and Made with Love in Ireland

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We have collected over 100 celtic rings, reflecting the wide diversity of celtic knot designs. They are made in Ireland from a variety of precious metals including silver, gold and palladium. Find the ring that speaks to you.

The history and meaning of the celtic knot

The celtic knot is our cultural legacy. In its many forms it has come to define Irish and Scottish art, culture and metalwork. It runs along the pages of ancient manuscripts and gives life to our monumental stone crosses. When the ancients created these beautiful designs, they didn't leave a record telling us exactly what they meant. And so we are free to create our own meaning. Many believe that these knots represent Infinity. The patterns are endless, repeating into eternity and evoking the continuity of life, nature and the spirit. For others the celtic knot represents Love. In the love knot, two individual strands are woven together to become one.

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