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All of our celtic jewelry is handmade in Ireland. Our jewelry features the stamp of the Dublin Assay Office. This is your guarantee of quality craftsmanship and quality materials.

Irish Hallmarks by Dublin Assay Office (Info from Wikipedia)

The Dublin Assay Office was established in 1637 to supervise the assaying of all gold and silver throughout the whole kingdom of Ireland. Originally, hallmarks consisted of the goldsmiths' proper mark which was the maker's mark originally used to identify the silversmith or goldsmith responsible for making the article.

The fineness mark, the crowned harp, was applied to 22 carat gold and sterling silver, which was silver of a standard of 925 parts of fine silver in each 1000. In 1638 a date letter system was introduced and used in conjunction with the above marks. This date letter denotes the year in which the piece was made or hallmarked and is changed on January 1 each year. A new mark in the form of Hibernia was introduced on March 25th 1730 to indicate that a duty had been paid on all articles manufactured on or after that date.

The Hibernia mark is used on all articles of Irish manufacture hallmarked at the Dublin Assay Office. Up until 1923, the Dublin Assay Office was subjected to the same laws governing silver production in England and Scotland, and thus marked its wares in a similar manner. The formation of the Irish Free State in 1922 meant that the laws were made and governed from Dublin, but the system of hallmarking has largely stayed the same.

1-Year Quality Guarantee

Further to our 30-day refund policy we offer quality assurance via our 1 year quality guarantee. If your ring is found to be defective within a year of purchase we will repair or replace the ring free of charge

This guarantee applies to manufacturer's defect. It does not apply if damage is deemed to be the result of improper care or wear and tear.

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