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Sterling Silver Small Ogham Name Ingot

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Dimensions: 0.4" Wide x 1.3" High

Type here the OGHAM Word or Name you want engraved on reverse. Indicate also, if you want the "Newgrange Spiral" engraved

Chain: Includes Sterling Silver 18 Inch Regular Belcher Chain

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About this Piece

This Sterling Silver ingot can be custom made with the Ogham inscription of your choice. Ogham writing is an ancient linear script and is the first known written language of Ireland. The Ogham alphabet consists of groups of lines from one to five, set across a vertical stem-line. Each group represents a different letter of the alphabet. There are several letters of this ancient alphabet not used. The letter K and P for example do not feature, therefore if your name was Kathleen , the letter C is used instead . Another example is Paul, the letter P does not feature and the letter X is used.

What is so interesting about this alphabet is that you read the inscription from bottom upwards, not top to bottom. There are fine examples of Ogham stones scattered around Ireland. They were initially used on stones to commemorate the passing of a loved one. This tradition is still used today, however many people just love the history attached and have their own name engraved with the optional addition of the famous Newgrange spiral on top. Newgrange is a world heritage burial site in Ireland that dates back centuries.

The ingot weighs 10 grammes approx and features a special hallmark on the reverse side to commemorate 100 years of the 1916 Easter Rising which played a major role in the independence of Ireland hallmark.

The first stamp you see is the makers mark, the second mark is called the Dublin town mark or Hibernia mark, the third symbol in an oval shape have the numbers 925 which represents sterling silver, the fourth symbol is the date letter F which tells you how old the piece is, and the final mark has the distinctive commemorative Trinity Knot symbol with the date reading 1916-2016.

This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase one of these memorable pieces.

Price includes an 18 Inch regular sterling silver belcher chain. Or upgrade to one of our superior sterling silver chains.

Ideal for the person who is interested in Irish history and culture.
Product Code 45480
Metal Sterling Silver
Dimensions 0.4" Wide x 1.3" High
Style Newgrange
Custom Engraving This piece is not suitable for engraving
Stamp Irish Assay Office
Luxury Box Included

4 Reviews for Sterling Silver Small Ogham Name Ingot

| Bartlett TN, United States
I’ve bought several items from MyIrishJeweler and have had nothing less than outstanding service. I would absolutely recommend them.
| Chambersburg PA, United States
Unbelievable fast delivery! the jewelry itself is beautiful, well done!
| Newbury, United Kingdom
Exquisite jewelry delivered on time, all as promised. Absolutely delighted with every aspect of the service. Many thanks.
| Arnold MD, United States
The sterling silver 1916 Ingot I ordered is beautiful, I had it engraved on the reverse with my husband's name in ogham and the 'newgrange spiral' , and I have already received many compliments . Ordering was simple , and the jewelry came on time and beautifully packaged. I am planning on ordering more jewelry from 'My Irish Jeweler' .

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