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How to Pronounce the Word “Claddagh” (audio)

The claddagh ring is a unique Irish design that celebrates the virtues of Love, Friendship & Loyalty. But how do you pronounce this difficult word? Press play below to hear two different ways to say Claddagh

The origin of the word Claddagh

The word Claddagh is the anglicized form of the gaelic ‘Cladach’, old-Irish for ‘seashore’. The claddagh ring is named after the ancient fishing village of Claddagh, in Co. Galway, Ireland. The town itself is named after the stoney seashore on which it was built.

Pronouncing the word Claddagh

The gaelic spelling of the word tells us that ‘Cladach’ was originally pronounced [klad-ukh] and sounded out with a hard, guttural ending common to Irish words.

The word is now more commonly pronounced without the ‘gaelic touch’ as [klad-uh].

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