Claddagh Engagement Rings, Designed and Made with Love in Ireland

Love, Loyalty and Friendship. The Meaning & History of the Claddagh Ring make it the perfect choice for a wedding, engagement or promise ring. Our claddagh engagement rings are handmade to order, and delivered to you direct from Dublin, Ireland.

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Claddagh Engagement Rings, Designed and Made with Love in Ireland

The first Claddagh ring was made in the 17th century by a goldsmith in the fishing village of Claddagh in Galway, Ireland. The ring was designed to be a declaration of love and friendship.

In the early days, a tradition quickly developed for the claddagh ring to be passed down from Mother to Daughter. Another tradition developed that allowed the wearer to indicate their relationship status by the way they wore their Claddagh ring. As the Irish scattered around the world, our brave emigrants took to wearing the Claddagh ring as a symbol of their heritage.

From a small village in Galway, to the four corners of the earth. The beauty and simplicity of the Claddagh design has led to global appeal. The message is simple and pure: With these hands I extend to you my friendship. With this heart I offer you my Love. With this crown I promise you my Loyalty.

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